Welcome to the Anti-Aging & Wellness P.A., a unique medical practice dedicated to the health of the body at the cellular, neural (nerve) and hormonal level.   At Lange’s Anti-Aging & Wellness, P.A, we start with the premise that you are only as healthy as the individual cells that comprise your tissues and organs.

In other words, you are as young as the oldest part of your body. When each cell is functioning at its optimum level, its:

· sufficiently oxygenated

· cleansed of impurities, heavy metals, and toxins

· boosted with anti-oxidants and vita-nutrients

· shielded from free radical damage

· nutritionally stocked with natural organic low carbohydrate wholesome foods

· pH balanced in body

· bio-identical hormonally balanced

· Illness is not a normal part of aging.  Our bodies are complex, which is why we work at the cellular levels at Lange’s Anti-Aging & Wellness.  We specialize in clinically proven strategies designed to support total cellular health, reverse many age related illnesses, optimize hormones, reduce pain, increase sex drive, improve vitality and overall well being.

Lange’s Anti-Aging and Wellness, P.A. 

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Our Goal is to cure illnesses, not mask them.

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